About Start Star Tax

Start Star Income Tax Service started in January 1, 1998 when Sira de Oramas became a Tax Professional, now Certifying Acceptance Agent approved by IRS. The company became Start Star Income Tax Service and opened one office in the United States. Start Star Income Tax Service is headquartered in Lewisville, Texas. Start Star Tax continues to expand, offering personal income tax services across the United States.


Our goals is to provide the feeling of a personal tax consultant alongside the security, confidence, and protections that a large company can provide. Start Star Tax continues to firmly establish its growing presence and increasing market share in the personal income tax industry.


We drive Start Star Tax consultant, and it's experience that has made us capable of such remarkable growth in a short period of time. The knowledge of the management team and headquarters staff total. That's a powerful resource when it comes to developing systems, training programs, and marketing strategies.


Founder Sira Oramas is young lady has been experience in business from 1964.

Star star tax Profecionals will be help you to founding your new businees plus stimates tax, Visit our office form 9:am- 6:pm, or call at 214-994-9490.