The requirements for corporate management are becoming increasingly extensive. That is why fundamental business consulting for us is inseparable from the services of good tax consulting. The experiences from our comprehensive auditing activities are therefore of very high value.


Our services include

  • Consulting on business set-ups
  • Financial consulting
  • Credit status checks
  • Result improvement analyses
  • Establishment and formation of report and information systems
  • Financial planning, success planning, and liquidity planning
  • Business plan consulting
  • Bookkeeping checks
  • Inheritance regulations


Mileage Deductions:

  • One or more vehicle is used daily in the course of your business. You could be eligible for mileage and use deductions; You must keep accurate records in order for the deductions to be allowed. Consult our tax information center to get more information about what you can and can't deduct for your business.


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Estimated Taxes

You can pay your estimated tax four times a year, based on the IRS dates specified for payment, or each month. At:Electronic Payment Options Home Page


Estimated taxes are tax payments made to the IRS on income you have that is not subject to withholding. People who are self-employed pay estimated taxes, as do those with large stock dividends, interest or assets. If you are a salaried employee and you don’t have enough tax withheld, you may want to pay estimated taxes to avoid paying a penalty.


To pay estimated taxes, you need to figure out how much your adjusted gross income will be for the year. Take into account your taxable income, deductions, taxes and credits.